Getting a healthy meal on the dinner table can be difficult! We give you easy access to EXTREMELY fresh, and healthy meals at your finger tips.



Johnny began creating healthy meals for families back in 2014 when he started cooking for a family full time. After doing so he realized the difficulty in which families have to providing a ready to eat healthy meal for their family. So after working with 3 families and quickly growing to over 100 he began a meal delivery service, Covered Meals. Covered quickly became a logisitics company and took the personality out of the company. Johnny decided he wanted to build a community around his cooking, and be part of a great on as well. Now, with there first brick & mortar, Johnny's Takeaway is opening in the amazing neighborhood of West Roxbury, MA. 

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Every week Johnny & his team will update their weekly menu here. You can simply order your meals, and pick them up the next day. 1 portion is great for 1 person, 2 orders for 2 etc. We will have them packaged, and ready to heat and eat the next day.

Why do we require day ahead ordering you may ask? We work very hard to cook meals that are healthy, and technically more difficult then express cooking (fast food). In doing so we need a little more time. We also aim to be a ZERO waste company. We use everything in the cooking process. 

So can we ever just stop in to grab a meal!? YES! However, to guarantee we have any orders we reccomend that you order ahead of time, because we do cook a limited amount every day.